What changes were made to the Pedestrian - Residential District in the Revised Draft Zoning Code Update?
  • The front yard setback was amended to be the same as it is in current Zoning Code (changed from 5’ minimum to 20’ or the average front yard setback of the block).
  •  Lot standards were modified, amending the minimum lot width from 30’ to 40’.
  • Maximum lot coverage was modified from 80% to 70%.
  • Electronic message center signs were prohibited. 
  • Removed as permitted uses uses; Corner Store, Bar/Tavern, Rooming/Boarding House, Nursing Home, and Retail Sales 
  • Changed from permitted uses to conditional uses; Barber/Beauty/Spa, Day Care Center, and Mortuary or Funeral Home. 
  • Steps were taken to ensure that neighborhood businesses will be right-sized, including limiting one parking pad (for 3-5 cars) per lot. (Note:  Permitted uses area – Adult Group Home, Passive Greenspace, Professional Offices, Side/Rear Parking Pad, Two-Unit Dwelling, One-Unit Dwelling, and Bed & Breakfast.  Conditional uses are – Accessory Dwelling Unit, Barber/Beauty/Spa, Day Care Center, Mortuary or Funeral Home, Place of Worship, Retail Services, School-Primary/Secondary, School-Vocational Training, Telecommunications Facility, and Type A & B Day Care) Revised Pedestrian-Residential Uses Table - March 28, 2023 (PDF)
  • Cemetery was removed as a conditional use.  

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1. What changes were made to the Pedestrian - Residential District in the Revised Draft Zoning Code Update?
2. Where is the revised Pedestrian Residential District located?
3. What are the goals of the PR District?
4. How will the PR District affect existing properties?
5. What are the lot standards in the revised Pedestrian - Residential District?
6. Is the front yard setback changing?
7. Why are lot standards changing?
8. What types of small businesses are permitted in the PR District?
9. Why are there only limited types of small businesses allowed in the PR District?
10. What is a conditional use?
11. Does the City allow commercial uses in all residential zones and districts?
12. How does the Zoning Code impact the rental market?
13. Will the PR District mean increased traffic and where will additional cars park?
14. Will density increase in the PR District?
15. Will the PR District result in fewer trees and greenspace?
16. Who is ZoneCo?
17. Are zoning changes being proposed for all neighborhoods?
18. Will this harm historical properties?