What if my container is missing?

Call Public Works at 419-354-6227.

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1. Why wasn't my refuse and/or recycling container collected?
2. The wind blew over my container(s) and my refuse / recycling was not picked up. What do I do?
3. What if no one from my household can transport containers to / from the curb?
4. What if my container is missing?
5. Can I get another container?
6. What items are accepted in the curbside recycling container?
7. When is my trash / recycling day?
8. Are there items that are prohibited?
9. Does the City offer special collections?
10. Where can I find the Public Works schedule for special curbside collections, etc.?
11. What items are allowed for large item pickup?
12. Where can I dispose of my brush?
13. What should I do if my refuse or recycling container lid is broken?