Load Management

Program Overview

If you own your home, have an electric hot water tank that is 50 gallons or larger and/or a central air conditioner, we would like you to participate in our load management program. A switch is placed on your appliance that reduces electric consumption during peak usage times of the year.

Load management is a way of deferring electrical usage (load) during periods of high use to times when there is less demand for electric energy. Electric water-heaters and central air-conditioners are appliances that lend themselves well to load management because they can be managed with little inconvenience to the customer.


Your participation in the Program will help keep your electric bills low, help keep more money in Bowling Green, help us distribute electricity more efficiently, and enable us to serve more customers with fewer facilities.

Sign Up

If you are interested in signing up for this program, contact the Utility Business Office at 419-354-6252.