Report an Outage

To report an outage/disruption of Electric, Water or Sewer service, 24 hours a day, customers should call 888-807-2583.

Cooperative Response Center, Inc (CRC)

To improve the way Bowling Green customer’s report an electric, water, or sewer outage, the city has partnered with Cooperative Response Center, Inc (CRC).  

CRC is a nationwide 24/7 call center that assists over 400 public power utilities, like Bowling Green.  With four call centers in the United States, and years of experience, CRC is capable of handling large call volumes in an efficient manner as well as dispatching City utility crews to restore service to the customer.      

Customers can improve the outage response time by keeping their contact information up to date with the Utilities Business Office.  If a customer calls CRC from a phone number that is associated with the utility account, CRC will automatically know the account information, such as service address where the outage is likely occurring.  This capability can shorten the response time for CRC as well as the utility crew that responds to the outage.    

Again, customers should call (888-807-2583) for any utility outages related to electric, water, or sewer.

Report An Outage Utility Insert (PDF)