Code Enforcement

The City of Bowling Green Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing a variety of City Ordinances, however, zoning ordinances are one of the main areas of enforcement activities. Code Enforcement strives for achieving voluntary compliance, with the ultimate goal of providing a high quality of life for Bowling Green residents. A proactive approach to equitable enforcement of City Ordinances is utilized, however, residents are encouraged to contact the City with concerns, also.

Common Code Enforcement activities are broad, but often include:

  • Illegal use / over-occupancy of dwelling units
  • Illegal construction (no permit or structure does not meet minimum regulations)
  • Illegal signs (no permit or sign is not located in the proper location)
  • Maintaining visibility triangles and visible structure addresses
  • Relaying all other concerns to the property authority (such as interior/exterior housing maintenance and sanitation issues to the Wood County Health Department, heavy items left in the right-of-way to Public Works, etc.)
  • Assisting with permitting for a-frame signs and outdoor dining for the downtown

Further information can be found on the Informational Handouts page and Planning Department Frequently Asked Questions.

Report A Concern

Residents may use the Report A Concern Form to report a concern with-in the city limits of Bowling Green. If this is an emergency please call 911.