Income Tax Division


The City of Bowling Green tax filing due date is April 15, 2024 for 2023 tax returns.

Required Documents for Filing

The Bowling Green Income Tax Division requires a copy of your Federal tax return (Form 1040) and all W-2s. If you are claiming Bowling Green withholding or a credit for taxes paid to another municipality, your W-2 needs to report this withholding.

Taxpayers can avoid postage by using the drop box attached to the City Administration Building at 305 N. Main Street. The drop box is located on the west side of the building, to the left of the main entrance. Staff will frequently check the drop box throughout the business day (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm).  Taxes may also be mailed in.

Those who are planning to file income tax returns in person are strongly encouraged to do so well in advance of the deadline.

The payment for any tax due can be submitted separately. There is no requirement that states that the payment for the tax due must accompany the Bowling Green tax return. The tax due simply needs to be paid by the due date; the date is determined by the date postmarked on the envelope.

Need Help?

Need help completing your forms? Call 419-354-6212. In addition, a list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found on this page and may help provide some guidance.

  1. Forms
  2. Tax Rate & Filing Information
  3. Credit for Taxes Paid to Another City
  4. Net Losses
  5. Declaration of Estimated Tax
  6. Extension of Time to File
  7. Late Filing Fees
  8. Interest Rate on Past Due Taxes
  9. Withholding Taxes
  10. Handouts from November 2016 Tax Preparers Seminar


The Income Tax Division is encouraging taxpayers to prepare their own Bowling Green tax returns. Taxpayers are encouraged to save the form to their computer and then open the form with adobe acrobat. The form does not calculate total income or tax due.

The forms may also be printed, and the information entered by hand. Those needing assistance may also call 419-354-6212 instead of coming in.

To download copies of available forms, please visit our Income Tax Forms page.


The information on this page is believed to be accurate, but it is not guaranteed. The City of Bowling Green disclaims liability for any errors or omissions. If in doubt: call, write, fax, email or visit the City in person.